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Why Pre-plan?
The Cremation Process
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The Outer Burial Container

Bottom Seal Vault

One of the requirements to protect the casket after burial is the outer burial container or sometimes called the burial vault.  Vaults come in many different materials, the prevalent one being concrete.  Other materials include steel and now even plastic vaults are available.  The material I am most familiar with is concrete, so for the purposes of discussion I will only be covering vaults made of concrete. Pricing of concrete burial vaults is largely determined Continue reading

Death Café


I had heard of the term Death Café from an industry blogger that I follow. The idea of a gathering of people getting together to discuss death was rather intriguing to me. I have to admit that I could not guess what a meeting like that could be like… the idea was rather macabre. Would people have questions about planning for their death? What sort of person would attend a meeting where the topic was Continue reading

Winter Burials at the Cemetery

When a death occurs in the winter it is a perfectly natural question for a family to ask if it will affect the ground burial of their loved one.   The answer depends on the location of the cemetery.  Most cemeteries in the country today have the technology to dig a grave in all kinds of conditions.  Those in the northern climates may experience difficulty in getting through the frozen ground.  I work near the 40th Continue reading

The Conversation Project

“Have you had the conversation?” A major concern that I try to help people to face is the end of their lives.  Not many people relish the thought of facing what is inevitable.  Though most believe it would be easier on the loved ones they leave behind, most do not act until they are faced with terminal illness or they fail to act at all. I had heard from families in the past about how Continue reading

How Do You Pick a Cemetery?

“How do you pick a cemetery?”  The question is a good one.  It is important to make the right choice since you will end up being there forever.  There are personal and logistical elements to be considered when making the choice.  If something is not considered, then your choice could turn from good to bad. My advice is for you to meditate on what you would like your final place of rest to look like.  Continue reading

Who Would Take the Flowers Off a Grave?

In my opinion, one of the most frequent complaints at a cemetery is that flowers or decoration have been moved from a loved one’s grave.  Though it takes place more frequently in the warmer weather months, the complaint is registered even in winter. Nothing can be more upsetting than decorating a loved one’s grave one day, and on the next visit discover that something, if not everything is missing.  Grief is hard enough to experience Continue reading

Cremation Urns

When a loved one is cremated their ashes are usually returned in a plastic bag with an identification medallion, and the bag is in a standard plastic box.  The cremains are accompanied by a certificate of cremation which varies by state in look and size.  Though this array is functional, it lacks the ceremonial value in that it is plain looking.  Most families prefer to have an urn with more ornamental value, especially one that Continue reading

The Importance of A Will

I am no attorney.  Whether a will is good for you or not is a decision is one you should discuss with your attorney.  The legal profession is much more in tune with how to best dispose of your estate. That being said, I can only offer my opinion on the matter.  I feel it is the most important document a person will ever sign.  The document allows you to direct how to dispose of Continue reading

The Funds Are Due At Time of Need

Time after time families are surprised when there is a death when they find that charges are due before the burial can take place.  Along with the grief and the stress of all the tasks to be accomplished in a very short period, there is the added stress of payment.  In my experience, the financial burden can be the most difficult to carry throughout this process. In one case I was working, the family was Continue reading

What is Hospice?

I must admit that when I hear the word “hospice” I do not really know what it truly means.  At least I didn’t before now.  Though the word has several definitions, for the purpose of this post I am using “a health-care facility for the terminally ill that emphasizes pain control and emotional support for the patient and family, typically refraining from taking extraordinary measures to prolong life.”  Yes, I understood the meaning of the words Continue reading