How Do You Pick a Cemetery?

karate.cemetery 005“How do you pick a cemetery?”  The question is a good one.  It is important to make the right choice since you will end up being there forever.  There are personal and logistical elements to be considered when making the choice.  If something is not considered, then your choice could turn from good to bad.

My advice is for you to meditate on what you would like your final place of rest to look like.  You probably have images in your mind that you would prefer to have in a cemetery; perhaps from attending a burial yourself.  I would imagine you would want to have a peaceful resting place, so find a cemetery that could provide those surroundings. Trees, water, roadways and landscaping probably also play a part in your image.  Look around for a place that matches what you see in your mind’s eye.

In addition to personal preferences, there are logistical considerations. What type of disposition do you want?  Ground burial? Private Estate? Community Mausoleum? Cremation niches?  Many cemeteries offer all of these options, though some cemeteries may not.  Do you want an upright monument or flat grass level marker?  Be sure the cemetery you choose fits your desire on that option.  Is it important to you that your family will visit often?  Then you should be sure there are easy to find places available.  Does your family like to decorate graves?  Then be sure to ask what the decoration regulations are like.  This can be a real problem if you do not consider it ahead of time.

Another logistical consideration is price.  All cemetery property is handled uniquely by each cemetery.  Burial usually requires three needs to be fulfilled:  Burial place, outer burial container for ground burial, and an interment fee.  Each of these is priced differently at every cemetery, so it can pay you to shop around.  The proposition is an expensive one, so you must determine what the value is in the price paid for the option you want.

The selection of a cemetery is a complicated one, but if you have the time, you can find the perfect resting place.  The best way to have the time is to spend it with your loved one(s) in plenty of time before you die.

What attributes would you look for in a cemetery?  Please feel free to comment below.

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