Cremation Urns

When a loved one is cremated their ashes are usually returned in a plastic bag with an identification medallion, and the bag is in a standard plastic box.  The cremains are accompanied by a certificate of cremation which varies by state in look and size.  Though this array is functional, it lacks the ceremonial value in that it is plain looking.  Most families prefer to have an urn with more ornamental value, especially one that Continue reading

About Me

Bill Welker

I am of the “baby boomer” generation.  I remember black and white tv.  I am the son of a USAF dentist and because of that I went to four different elementary schools and two different high schools.  I graduated from college in 1975.  From college I entered into local television as a director.  My background had no exposure to the death care industry. I had to plan a burial in 1995 and that experience led Continue reading