Cremation Urns

When a loved one is cremated their ashes are usually returned in a plastic bag with an identification medallion, and the bag is in a standard plastic box.  The cremains are accompanied by a certificate of cremation which varies by state in look and size.  Though this array is functional, it lacks the ceremonial value in that it is plain looking.  Most families prefer to have an urn with more ornamental value, especially one that reflects the character of the deceased, for the memorial service.

Urns come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes.  One thing that must be considered when purchasing an urn is the method of disposition that will occur.  The regulations of the cemetery need to be considered as part of the decision.  Those regulations may assume that the cremains should remain intact in case there is a later need for removal.  For example, a cemetery may not allow a wooden urn to be placed in a niche, or a ceramic one to be buried in the ground.  Most cemeteries want to provide for the wishes of the family and will offer alternatives so be sure to consult with the cemetery about your selection.

How many different types of urns are there?  There are nature urns for those who may have been the outdoor type, sculpted urns and art urns.  There are urns made of metal, ceramics, and glass.  Military urns, sport urns, funeral urns, hobby urns, and urns for infants are also available.  A selection of urns made to contain the ashes of a couple called companion urns, bronze urns, religious urns, discount urns and biodegradable urns are another alternative.  Marble urns, decorative urns, wood urns, and keepsake urns for those who want to share the cremains are also among the choices.  There is a myriad of choices available.  As you may notice, the selection of an urn can be a daunting task, but if one looks long enough, one can find just the right urn for the storage of the loved one’s cremains.

Where do you shop for an urn?  The cemetery and/or funeral home are great places to begin.  Each of them will offer choices that are either in stock, or can be ordered to arrive within a day or so in usually enough time for the memorial service.  If you would prefer to avoid the middleman there are plenty of online vendors who provide variety in choice.  If you decide to shop for yourself, just remember to consider cemetery regulations so your purchase can be considered for burial.

There is an urn to reflect the personality of any individual as well as the desire of any family.   There are many vendors to work with in your selection.  And though it is difficult to purchase one sight unseen except for a catalog picture, the descriptions should be refined enough for you to know what you are getting.  Many vendors have a guarantee of satisfaction, so be sure you understand the particular policy.

An internet search will yield many vendors offering many choices.  Each vendor will be happy to discuss your alternatives to make sure that you select the urn that is perfect for you.

Do you have any specific questions or a perhaps a story about your search for an urn?  Let us hear about it in the comments below.

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