Why Pre-plan?


Two thirds of the time I meet with the wife to make the burial arrangements for her husband. They had either neglected to make arrangements in advance or they purposely avoided the issue.  Now she is faced with making the arrangements without him and may be facing needless anxiety and guilt.  Not to mention the cost.

Planning arrangements in advance though not the most popular of activities is one of the most important.  There are several reasons:

Dignity in Choice:  Instead of everyone rushing around and making many decisions on the fly, arranging in advance brings with it the luxury of time.  Not only do you get personal input, but you also get to take some time to inform yourself and come to an informed decision.  You can take satisfaction in knowing that you will have your true desires in place.
Satisfaction:  You can take pride in knowing that you have taken a burden off your loved ones on the most difficult day of their life.
Controlled Cost:  Making and paying for your decisions in advance freezes the cost at today’s prices.
Conserves Insurance:  Purchasing cemetery property preneed conserves life insurance to help with the financial transition of your loss to those left behind.
Payments:  Usually the cemetery will accept a payment plan for property purchased before a death occurs.  At the time of a death, all payment is due up front before the burial can occur.
Peace of Mind:  Making arrangements in advance will make a difficult time for your loved ones much easier.  It eases the financial burden and eases anxiety and guilt because the plans are already made to your wishes.
You Make The Decisions Together:  Like all the other decisions you make in life, your input along with your loved ones allows everyone to know exactly what your desires are and there is no guesswork.
When you think about it, pre-planning is not only a benefit for you, but is a wonderful gift to your loved ones.
If you have any questions about how to start preplanning, feel free to email me at  bill@billwelker.com
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