The Importance of A Will

I am no attorney.  Whether a will is good for you or not is a decision is one you should discuss with your attorney.  The legal profession is much more in tune with how to best dispose of your estate. That being said, I can only offer my opinion on the matter.  I feel it is the most important document a person will ever sign.  The document allows you to direct how to dispose of Continue reading

Playgrounds for Their Elders?

A new concept that I have just heard about is playgrounds for the elderly.  I first read about the concept in Ronnie Bennet’s Blog As Time Goes By.  The concept hit me as a refreshing idea, as one of the concerns I have for the families I see is that they can remain active both physically and socially.  Let’s take the concept of playgrounds for our children and adapt it to one that can serve Continue reading

It’s All In the Perception

I recently read an article that opened my eyes to a couple of things about aging.  Some research by Home Instead Senior Care® has shown that perceptions by the young are not agreed to by the older.  For instance, 44% of those older than 66 years describe themselves as happy, while only 29% of those 18 to 30 do.   So indeed, it would seem that happiness is not actually for the young. As far Continue reading

Is a Medical Alert System the Answer?

I have to admit something.  Though I do not consider her to be frail or unable to take care of herself, I am concerned that my Mother could fall and be unable to let anyone know her predicament for hours, or dare I say it, a day or two.  My sister lives close, I live quite a distance away. Though, we check in with her everyday, a day lying helpless between contact is more of Continue reading