Mausoleum Can Be Affordable

Over the centuries that man has been around, there has always been mention of tombs instead of graves.  The pyramids and the Taj Mahal are two examples of mausoleums.  The Royal Mausoleum in London, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, George Washington’s burial place at Mount Vernon, are all examples of mausoleum.  All are beautiful buildings, and because of their majesty, they are considered to be affordable by the wealthy.  It is believed by many that only the wealthy can consider being buried in a building above ground.  Actually the preceding thought is a misnomer.  Let us consider the cost of mausoleum crypt vs the cost of ground burial  from a local cemetery example:

GB vs Maus

As you can see, there is not that much difference between above ground burial and below ground burial when you factor in the cost of burial vaults and memorialization.  Mausoleum is not only a drier environment, but also it makes visiting easier as it is easy to find the crypt than it can be to wander cemetery grounds looking among the many gravestones.

So when you consider similar total cost, drier environment, easier to find, as reasons maybe your decision should be for mausoleum.

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