About Me

I am of the “baby boomer” generation.  I remember black and white tv.  I am the son of a USAF dentist and because of that I went to four different elementary schools and two different high schools.  I graduated from college in 1975.  From college I entered into local television as a director.  My background had no exposure to the death care industry.

I had to plan a burial in 1995 and that experience led me to realize the stress and anxiety associated with final disposition.  That experience was one that I would never wish on anyone.  However, each of us will have to experience it at some time in our lives.  How we plan for the inevitable becomes either a burden or can be a gift to our loved ones.  Planning your burial is not an easy task, but one that should be done to take the burden off your loved ones.  Whether you have planned for it or not makes no difference to you.  Your decisions and plans benefit only those you hold most dear.

The myriad of tasks that must be accomplished to bury someone is surprising to anyone who has not had the experience before.  Though death is sure to happen, most Americans never plan for its eventuality.  Neglecting this responsibility only makes those we love suffer.  At a time of great sorrow our failure to plan not only places a burden on our loved ones but also places them at a severe disadvantage in the purchase process of funeral and burial products.

I started in the cemetery business since 2002.  Helping families through a very difficult time has always been my goal.  Most of us are not educated in the process of funeral and burial.  It is my sincere desire to see to it that the consumer becomes educated in the final disposition process.  Like anything else the process is made more difficult by a lack of knowledge of it.  Gaining knowledge of the process and finding how much easier things go if plans were made in advance is the reason for this website.  I hope to give you the knowledge I have so you can relieve your loved ones of stress and financial burden of making your final arrangements without your help.

I would hope you will find value here and will return often to gain more knowledge.  If you have a question that doesn’t seem to be addressed here, then feel free to use the contact me tab and ask your question there.

I have a wife and daughter.  They, along with the rest of my extended family are very important and dear to me.  I know how much easier planning ahead can make a difficult time much easier for them.  I hope to convince you to help your family and begin to make those plans today.