Why I Do What I Do

Everyday I help families make hard decisions at the worst time of their lives.  The loss of a loved one is never easy, and having been through the experience several times in my personal life, I can empathize with each and every family.  Also, I recognize that every family’s situation is unique, and though all the questions that must be answered are the same, each answer is different respective to each family.

I am sometimes I am asked why I chose this field of endeavor.  What was it that made me decide to aid people in the difficult task of placing their loved one in their final resting place?  The answer, as you may suppose, is a complex one.  To oversimplify the answer, I can state that I have always enjoyed helping people.  Every professional endeavor I have pursued has in some way taken my knowledge and expertise and helped the customer navigate a course of decisions to arrive at the final desired destination.  As a professional in the death care industry, I am called upon to use this ability on a daily basis.  The fact that almost no one knows what is involved in final disposition puts him or her at a disadvantage.  I look at my role as one that will help them to overcome that disadvantage; one that will help them to arrive at the decisions that are the best for their particular situation.

I cannot express enough the importance in making these decisions in advance of the time of need.  Advance planning makes a difficult process that much easier for the family member assigned to make the final arrangements.  I feel that advance planning is so important that I am free to answer any questions from anyone, whether you use Ferncliff Cemetery or not.  I am also available to speak to groups, with the message centering on information and not on selling.  If I can help you, feel free to contact me.

To all the families who have placed their trust in me, thank you.  It was my pleasure to serve at that time, and is now my pleasure to help with other issues that can arrive as time goes by.  I value the fact that unlike many businesses, my customers are customers forever and not just for one or two transactions.
Bill Welker
Family Services Director
Ferncliff Cemetery
(937) 322-3491

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