Thoughts at the End of the Year

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs we prepare to watch the ball drop on Times Square signifying the end of another year we take time to reflect on the year ending and the new year beginning.  When I do this regarding the business I am in, thoughts turn to the families I serve.

One family I served was arranging for the burial of their only child.  He was an adult that had not reached middle age.  The parents have remarked to me on many occasions that now it is just the two of them, and there is no one that will be able to help them with their arrangements.

I was also proud to help with the burial of a former Secretary of Defense, James Schlesinger.  We had to do most of those arrangements over the internet, phone and fax since the family was in the Washington. D.C. area.

It was another pleasure to help the family of someone who went to school in this area, and when she graduated went to New York and ended up being an executive assistant as her career.  She passed away in New York and came back here to the area to be buried.  She was truly someone who proved you can do anything that you set your mind to.

It seems that each family I serve presents a unique experience.

Also I think of some of the events that I created and participated in:

This past year on the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend, we invited families to our cemetery to a remembrance service after which those participating put a floating lantern into one of our ponds.  It was a very nice addition to the beauty of the sunset.

This past March, we invited the community to come and break fast with us and attend a presentation on the hazards of salt in our diets.  The presenter was Surender Reddy Neravetla, MD, FACS.

In October, a large event at our cemetery is a tour of the grounds.  We run 5 1 hour tours in one day.  On the tours we emphasize historical burials, as well as the various species of trees that are present.  This year we had a special presentation by <name> about the symbolism found in the cemetery.

This past Veteran’s Day, we organized a service with the Marine Corps League to honor our nation’s and local veterans.  Attendance was small, but we will make it grow in the future.

As far as the new year, I remain committed to help families make the decisions they would have to make should a death occur.  Though it is too bad that my business is dependent on the misfortunes of others, I look at it as the time I can step up and show them how to make the process easier.  I am here for all those families that will need me next year.

I wish you and your family a safe and prosperous new year.

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