Playgrounds for Their Elders?

A new concept that I have just heard about is playgrounds for the elderly.  I first read about the concept in Ronnie Bennet’s Blog As Time Goes By.  The concept hit me as a refreshing idea, as one of the concerns I have for the families I see is that they can remain active both physically and socially.  Let’s take the concept of playgrounds for our children and adapt it to one that can serve the older population as well.  In fact, maybe even combine a playground for youth with another one for the aging so that both facets of society are served.

The concept of an area for the elderly to go for outdoor exercise and socialization are nothing new it seems.  There is more popularity for them in other countries especially those in Asia.  The concept is starting to catch on in America and will certainly gain steam with companies like Must Have Play, LLC headed by Michael Cohen.  His company has ideas that not only include equipment, but places to play chess, space for yoga and tai chi, water features and sheltered areas.  Cohen believes the areas are designed to “enrich the quality of life, independence and spirit of constituents.”

It seems like an idea whose time has come to North America.  Perhaps if there is space for it and the cemetery already has the feel of a park associated with it, a playground for the aging population could be a good idea.

For more in depth information on this concept see this report.

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