It’s All In the Perception

Survey On AgingI recently read an article that opened my eyes to a couple of things about aging.  Some research by Home Instead Senior Care® has shown that perceptions by the young are not agreed to by the older.  For instance, 44% of those older than 66 years describe themselves as happy, while only 29% of those 18 to 30 do.   So indeed, it would seem that happiness is not actually for the young.

As far as losing your physical appearance as being what they fear the most, memory loss is the top fear of 82% of American adults as opposed to 11% who cite beauty concerns.

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises concerned loneliness.  37% said that loneliness was a major issue for older Americans, while only 5% of seniors say it’s a serious problem.

Roger Baumgart, CEO of Home Instead, Inc.  “There needs to be a more realistic perception about aging as the older population rises from 800 million to 2 billion people over the next 30 years.”

Read more about this study HERE.


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