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There are many questions associated with funeral and burial that I am asked on a daily basis.  As food for thought I will answer ten of them here.

1. Is payment in full required for burial to occur?
Yes.  One of the major reasons to make and pay for arrangements in advance is to prevent financial hardship at the time of death.

2. What are my choices in ground burial?
There are single graves and burial lots of 2 or more graves.  Choices will vary by cemetery so you must be sure you understand your options.

3.How do I choose the right type of grave?
This is a very important question, so you must determine your desires.
Do you want an upright headstone or flat marker?
Do you want space for other family members or just yourself?
What cost are you willing to incur?
Do you want to be near the road, or more towards the middle of a section?Do you want to be near a tree?
Do you want to be at the top of a hill?
Answers to these questions will help you to make the right choice for eternity.

4. I am going to be cremated.  Why would I want to be placed in a niche or interred at a cemetery rather than being scattered at sea?
As long as local laws permit it, your remains can be scattered a place of your choosing.  But in doing so you might make it difficult for your survivors.  It can prove difficult for some people to have to pour the remains of a loved one.  Also, the area where your were scattered may one day become inaccessible for your loved ones to come and visit.  Placement in a cemetery rather than some place anonymously makes it much easier for those to come and remember you in a well maintained and preserved cemetery.

5.  Is having a place to visit really that important?
Yes.  A permanent resting place is a fulfillment of a natural human desire to remember and to be remembered.  Psychologists say that our funeral and burial ceremonies serve to help survivors to get closure and start to allow the healing process to begin.

6.  What is a mausoleum?
A mausoleum is a building that contains crypts in which remains are placed.  After the remains are placed in the crypt it is sealed and a granite shutter is placed over the crypt.  Private mausoleums are designed for a family, whereas community mausoleums contain many crypts for a number of different families.  Because more crypts share the cost, community mausoleums are more affordable than private mausoleums.

7.  What are the advantages of being buried in a mausoleum?
The largest advantage is that crypts are both clean and dry.  Also the burial is easier to find because of a more centralized location.  Another advantage is the conservation of land space.  More burials can occur in less space in a community mausoleum.

8.  Isn’t mausoleum burial only for rich people?
Actually the cost of mausoleum burial is very comparable to ground interment with an upright monument.

9.  May I make the necessary arrangements in advance?
Yes, usually all arrangements may be made in advance. When you plan ahead, you will be able to consider the many options available. You will have the opportunity to make an informed decision about your funeral and cemetery arrangements and the form of memorial you prefer. You will be able to make choices that are meaningful to both you and your family, and you will gain peace of mind knowing your family and friends will be relieved of the emotional and financial burden often associated with making arrangements when a death occurs. By prearranging your funeral and cemetery services, you benefit by purchasing at today’s prices, free from inflationary pressures in the future. Be sure to check whether the contract of your local provider guarantees prices. Your cemetery or funeral provider can help you preplan.

10.  What happens if I buy cemetery property here in advance and later move to another state or location?
Some cemeteries belong to an exchange program which allows dollar for dollar transfers.  Be sure to ask your cemetery if they participate in such a program before you buy.

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