Departing from the Traditional


There seems to be a trend for disposition that is moving away from the traditional funeral and burial and moving towards a commemoration of the life of the deceased.  The Baby Boomer generation includes 78 million Americans, and represents 29.4% of the total U.S. population, according to the U. S. Census Bureau.  I am not sure if its just a coincidence, but it appears that as this generation ages, its reputation for doing things differently Continue reading

Social Media- A New Area to Consider When Preplanning

I had a conversation a few months back with a Huber Heights City Commissioner who is also an attorney.  We were discussing various issues regarding end of life planning when he related a story about his brother. His brother had a profuse online presence.  He had many email accounts, social media accounts and the like, but there was one area that my friend noted a particularly large outpouring of grief and sentiment that my friend Continue reading

Is a Medical Alert System the Answer?

I have to admit something.  Though I do not consider her to be frail or unable to take care of herself, I am concerned that my Mother could fall and be unable to let anyone know her predicament for hours, or dare I say it, a day or two.  My sister lives close, I live quite a distance away. Though, we check in with her everyday, a day lying helpless between contact is more of Continue reading

Mausoleum Can Be Affordable


Over the centuries that man has been around, there has always been mention of tombs instead of graves.  The pyramids and the Taj Mahal are two examples of mausoleums.  The Royal Mausoleum in London, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, George Washington’s burial place at Mount Vernon, are all examples of mausoleum.  All are beautiful buildings, and because of their majesty, they are considered to be affordable by the wealthy.  It is believed by many Continue reading

The Cremation Process


Cremation today has become a popular option for final disposition.  Recent surveys indicate cremation preference to be 30% as opposed to 5% in 1975.  If you are considering cremation as your means of final disposition, there are a couple of videos I have found that are helpful to educate yourself about the process.  See them below: The Process Of Modern Day Cremation Video 1 of 2 The Process Of Modern Day Cremation Video 2 of Continue reading

Why Pre-plan?


Two thirds of the time I meet with the wife to make the burial arrangements for her husband. They had either neglected to make arrangements in advance or they purposely avoided the issue.  Now she is faced with making the arrangements without him and may be facing needless anxiety and guilt.  Not to mention the cost. Planning arrangements in advance though not the most popular of activities is one of the most important.  There are Continue reading

Why I Do What I Do

Everyday I help families make hard decisions at the worst time of their lives.  The loss of a loved one is never easy, and having been through the experience several times in my personal life, I can empathize with each and every family.  Also, I recognize that every family’s situation is unique, and though all the questions that must be answered are the same, each answer is different respective to each family. I am sometimes Continue reading