A Remembrance Garden

Remembrance GardenBeing able to get back outside is one of the great benefits of Spring.  Getting outside also means tasks to be accomplished outside, including mowing grass and tilling the garden.  It brings to mind that though I am far from capable of doing such a thing, I have always wanted to plan a special outside place that myself or someone else could visit and reflect on the life of my father.

Planning the design would be an easy task.  I would consider a few of his many traits that come to mind so easily.  The area would definitely have to include a buckeye tree as he was an alumnus and big fan of The Ohio State University.  Bamboo would have a place to symbolize his strength of character, though as it also symbolizes longevity, I felt he left this earth too soon. There would have to be flowers colored red white and blue to signify his love and devotion to this country.  A good red one would be the nasturtium as a symbol of his strength and patriotism.

The area would have to be a place that would bring on a smile, to remind the visitor of the way Dad could make you laugh.  It also would have to be a place where one could reflect on the lessons he taught both school lessons he taught to many and the lessons of life he taught to my sister and me.  I believe that a place of quiet solitude would satisfy these traits.  It would also bring back memories of some of the wonderful places he took us to for a day outside to picnic.  For some reason the picnic memory includes streams and ponds so that would mean to include some sort of fountain.

The area would indeed invoke many thoughts on the experiences shared with my father.  I am not very inclined toward gardening and horticulture, so I would be limited in being able to select specific plants and for that I would have to seek help.   I am confident that I have a great theme in mind, though.

How would you plan a garden for your loved one?  Please comment.  I would really like to know.

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful website.

    My parents’ interments are, in a sense, their first remembrance garden: In the beautiful Scattering Garden at Ferncliff Cemetery and Arboretum, there will be plants year-round, and flowers much of the year as well. They loved gardens and beautiful scenery, which is primarily why I chose this setting. To have done so gives me a sense of great peace.

    As Christmas approaches, I think I’ll get a large rosemary plant from Home Depot (they’re shaped to look like small trees), and try to figure out how to keep it healthy indoors. It’s long been known as the herb of remembrance, and I love its enthusiastic fragrance…

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